This is my story of solo backpacking trip to Vietnam with full of great memories,funny incidents,adventures and excitements.

For indian citizen,Vietnam has e-visa policy.Apply online and get an approved letter via mail,print out and show it on arrival and get your visa stamped.

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  • CU CHI TUNNELS:¬†This is a vast network of underground tunnels used by the Vietnam soldiers during the war.The tunnels are within the jungle.There are underground strategic room,meeting room,operation theater and jail to explore.It was a very adventurous activity to crawl through the narrow dark tunnels.If you are claustrophobic then don’t try to do it.There are a collection of huge unexploded bomb dropped by the american bomber US B-52 aircraft.There are a shooting range also where you can fire a AK-47 assault rifle as well as a machine gun.You can hire a cab or make your journey exciting by hiring a bike.There are local people around the corner outside the airport.Just make a deal,hop on the bike and join the race. ūüėČ
  • INDEPENDENCE PALACE:¬†This is the presidential palace also known as¬†reunification palace,built on the site of the historic¬†NORODOM PALACE.It had a significant role in Vietnam war. 



    Ha long is a UNESCO world heritage site.The bay is full of iconic limestone karst and isles and a must visit site.

    Ha long means “descending dragon”.According to local legend,god sent dragons to protect the country against foreign invaders.The dragons spitted out jewels which turned into limestone karst and isles and form the wall to protect the country.

    Nearest airport is Noi Bai International Airport,Hanoi.From hanoi regular bus available to ha long bay from Gia Lam bus station.

  • Sun world ha long park,Sun wheel,Bai Chay bridge: 

  • HA LONG BAY CRUISE(3 days/2 night):¬†A 3 days/2 night cruise is a must do to explore the more of halong bay.It includes one night on the boat,one night at cat ba island,sung sot cave explore,kayaking in a secret lagoon,cat ba national park visit,monkey island explore.

In the cruise,i met a Vietnamese girl who was adopted by a european family at the age of 6 months.Now she came back to find her mother all alone.This sound like a movie and the happiest part is she found and met her mom. ūüôā


  • MONKEY ISLAND:¬†A small island surround by emerald crystal clear water.This island has a white sand beach,a limestone karst and thick green forest full of monkeys.At the end of the beach,a trekking path goes up to the top and then climb the limestone karst to the topmost point for a bird’s-eye view.The climbing is little difficult due to sharp,uneven rock edges but worth the panoramic view.


  1. CANNON FORT:¬†This was a naval defence base at the top of the hill.Great place to view the bay and the sunset. 

  2. CAT BA NATIONAL PARK:¬†The national park is the home of the endangered¬†cat ba langur.There are a trail which goes to the top of the island.The last part of the trail is steep but worth the hike for a panoramic view of the mountain covered with thick green forest. 




  • PHONG NHA CAVE:¬†It is located within the national park which is a UNESCO world heritage site.This is a very beautiful cave with full of rock formations,filled with stalactites and stalagmites.The cave has underground river and lots of passageways. 


  • BOMB CRATER BAR:¬†It is located beside the son river,around 3km from phong nha village.During vietnam-america war this area was heavily bombed and made the bomb craters.I went out for local sightseeing on a cycle and was looking for a place to chill and I found this place perfect. 


This is a charming small hill town with picturesque mountain,valley and rice terraces.


  • CAT CAT CULTURAL VILLAGE:¬†I went for a morning walk away from the town and found this picturesque village in a beautiful valley.This old village has its own distinctive traditions and unique way of living. 



  • FANSIPAN MOUNTAIN:¬†This is the highest mountain in the Indochinese peninsula also called “the roof of Indochina“.A unforgatable cable ride through the cloud overlooking the terraced field,valley and forest to the peak of fansipan is the best way to explore it.The cable car is in the muong hoa valley near sapa.It holds two Guinness world records as¬†the longest non-stop three rope cable car(6292.5m)¬†and¬†the greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three roped cable car(1410m)





  1. Uddipan just tell me something about the expenses cause its a Farley important part whenever we plan for a trip.


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