Thailand is an amazing country with a tropical climate,bustling city life,unforgettable night life,finger licking street food,exotic islands,great beaches,picturesque mountains and thick green forest.You can find everything you want and Thailand will never let you down.

Here is my solo backpacking trip to Thailand for a week,mainly to explore the exotic islands and to check out the street food to satisfy my taste buds.


This is the largest city as well as the capital of thailand.It is home of some magnificent buddhist temples and palaces.I had one day to explore the city so I visited only the main attractions.

  • WAT PHO: This is one of the oldest buddhist temple complex,also known as “temple of the reclining buddha”(reclining buddha live video).The temple complex is an architectural marvel and houses the largest collection of buddha statue along with a 46m long reclining buddha.


  • WAT ARUN: This is a beautiful buddhist temple also known as “temple of dawn”,located on the bank of the chao phraya river.


  • GRAND PALACE: This is a complex of buildings located beside the wat pho.The main attraction is the temple of the emerald buddha,is a royal chapel,built-in 1783 and the most sacred one in Thailand.

    taken from wat arun
  • SKY BAR: This is the world’s highest open air bar on the 64th floor of the state tower building.It was featured in the hangover part II movie.Though expensive but having a beer at the world’s highest open air bar while watching the Bangkok skyline is an excellent idea to spend the evening.



Phuket is an island in the Andaman sea and also the largest one in Thailand,where you can enjoy the mountain and the sea side by side.Phuket has some finest beach like patong,kata and karon beach.Also you can go for a speedboat day trip to the nearby exotic islands like phi phi,james bond and similan island.I booked this three island trip through my hostel and cost me 7000 Thai baht.IMG_20170305_135142660

  • PHI PHI ISLAND: This is a group of 6 islands.The main islands are ko phi phi don and ko phi phi lee.Ko phi phi lee has the famous hidden beach which was used as the location for the famous movie “The Beach”.This island also has a viking cave.
    viking cave



  • JAMES BOND ISLAND: This is an island located in phang nga bay in the Ao phang nga national park.The original name of the island is khao phing kan.This island is famous for the james bond movie “The man with the golden gun“.

    This trip also includes a kayaking trip,visiting a floating village and monkey temple cave.





  • SIMILAN ISLAND: This is a group of 11 islands in the Andaman sea.This islands are famous for the crystal clear blue water,rich coral and exotic marine life.


  • PHUKET FOOD FESTIVAL:IMG_20170305_182733966_HDR

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