Indonesia is the world’s largest island country situated between the pacific and indian ocean.It has more than 13k islands.This is a volcanically active country.It has around 130 active volcanoes which are part of the pacific ring of fire.

This country is well-known for rich culture,spectacular beaches,volcanoes,tropical rainforest,exotic islands and specially komodo dragons in the komodo island,world’s largest flower rafflesia,world’s largest buddhist temple Borobudur and world’s largest volcanic lake – lake Toba.Simply one visit is not enough to explore the main attractions.We did a 12 days trip and merely explore the few of them.

LOMBOK(5 days)

  • MT. RINJANI VOLCANO TREK:This is an active volcano and the second highest(3726m) in indonesia.There are a crater lake on the top known as segara anak lake.The last eruption was on 27th sep,’16.We did the 3 days 2 night trek with green rinjani on july,’17 and cost us 245$/person.





  • SENDANG GILE WATERFALL:Nice waterfall in the senaru village.We went for a late afternoon walk.At that time there were no tourist and also no one at the booking office.We only explored the first one as it was almost dark by that time.DCIM101GOPROG0021508.JPG



This is one of the most popular island destination in indonesia,popular for rich culture,volcanic mountains,cliffsides,coastlines,black sand beaches and lush green forest.

The nine directional temples are the largest and most popular,believed to build to protect the island from dark forces.The besakih on the slope of mt. agung is the main temple.But uluwatu and tanah lot are very popular for easy access.

We hired a taxi and did a day tour to the following:

  • TANAH LOT:This temple is on a rock few metres offsore.Very beautiful place to see the sunset.We visited the temple during tanah lot art and food festival.IMG_20170709_123458729_HDR




  • ULUWATU:This temple is at the edge of a high cliff.The view from here is very beautiful.A dance performance is performed every evening based on Ramayana.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1865.JPG
  • TESTING LUWAK COFFEE:We went to sari amerta luwak coffee cafe on the way to tanah lot.


  • BLACK SAND BEACH:Situated near tanah lot.


  • KEDONGANAN BEACH:A perfect sandy beach beside the airport to chill out.


  • DOUBLE SIX BEACH:We enjoyed a great nightlife at the beach.IMG_20170708_224313719_HDR



  • BOROBUDUR:This is a 9th century buddhist temple,a UNESCO world heritage site and also the world’s largest one.Take a city bus to terminal jombor,from here the bus to borobudur leaves at regular interval.IMG_20170710_155212655_HDR


  • PRAMBANAN:This is a 9th century hindu temple,a UNESCO world heritage site, dedicated to the Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva.

    Don’t purchase separate tickets.A combo ticket for this two sites is 40$.


We had return flight from jakarta and had one evening to explore the city.IMG_20170711_212650046

  • ISTIQLAL MOSQUEIMG_20170711_212117387_HDR

If you have extra days in hand then try some exotic offbeat destination here.

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