MALAYSIA:In search of street food

Malaysia is known for its beautiful islands,beaches,rainforests,iconic building -Petronas tower,street arts and street foods at george town,the Skycab and Skybridge at Langkawi island.


  • PETRONAS TOWERS:The tallest twin towers in the world.Visitors are allowed to explore the observation deck and Skybridge by a guided tour.The view of the night cityscape from the top is spectacular.Prebook you tickets online in advance as tickets are limited.(
  • BATU CAVE:This is a limestone hill consist of three major caves.The main one is cathedral cave which contains hindu and buddhist shrines.The others two are art gallery cave and museum cave.A 140 ft high statue of lord Murugan is located at the entry point of the cave.From here the entrance of cave is only 272 steep steps.IMG_20171122_073712
  • KL TOWER:This was built as a communication tower and also contains a revolving restaurant-Atmosphere 360*,sky deck,sky box and observation deck.At the premises,there are a rare Jelutong tree,mini zoo,upside down house,blue coral aquarium and kl forest ecopark.The dining experience with the panoramic view of kl city is a must do in Atmosphere 360*.
  • THEAN HOU TEMPLE:This is a chinese temple dedicated to the sea goddess Mazu.This is truly an architectural gem.
  • STREET FOOD AT JALAN ALOR:Situated in the heart of kl city,it was known as a red light district.Now it is the paradise for food lovers.The street comes alive at evening and the sidewalks become filled with hawker stalls.This is the place to satisfy you taste buds and also experience the unique culture of Malaysia in kl city.
    fried frog
    fried frog


  • EXOTIC FOOD:If you are looking for exotic meat in Malaysia then Restoran puchong lim is the destination you should go for.This is a street side small local chinese restaurent.The owner is a warm-hearted lady only who can speak english.We ordered flying fox,squirrel,deer and deep-sea turtle.All the preparation was very testy but the taste of flying fox was awesome.
  • ONE DAY PILOT:Amazing experience to do some manuever during the flight as a co-pilot and also have a bird-eye view of kl city.The cost is approx 15,000/- INR for a 30 minutes flight.The flight takes off from Subong airport,fly over city for 20 minutes,circle the Petronas towers and land at same airport.Take off and landing on the runway will be taken over by the pilot.But in the sky you can guide the plane direction and altitude under the guidance of the pilot.You can also experience the free fall as feel when the plane crash. 😉IMG_20171121_112343


The best way to go Penang from kl is by train and ferry.Take a train from kl sentral to Butterworth and then a ferry from Butterworth to penang.

  • GEORGE TOWN:This is UNESCO world heritage site,known for its old colonial building,chinese street food,street arts and rich multiculture.
  1. STREET ART:In 2012,as a part of annual george town festival,artist Ernest Zacharevic created a series of wall murals.Now these are the most photographic spot.These murals are located in different street in the old part of george town.Take a free map from your hotel,rent a bicycle and explore the street arts.


  2. STREET FOOD:Penang has best street food in malaysia.Some must try local dishes are asam laksa,char kway teow,nasi kandar,chendol etc.The best places to have these are chulia street,kimberley street etc.
  3. KHOO KONGSI:This is a chinese clanhouse located in george town.The complex is richly decorated,an authentic historic chinese building.
  • PENANG HILL:This is a hill resort situated at 2733ft above sea level.The viewing deck gives a stunning view of Penang city and the sea.The best way up to the hill is by Penang funicular railway from Air Itam.
  • KEK LOK SI TEMPLE:This is a buddhist temple over the hill-top,situated in air itam.It is the largest buddhist temple in malaysia.The temple is highly decorated and truly an architectural marvel.


The best way to go Langkawi from Penang is by means of ferry.

  • EAGLE SQUARE:A large square hosted a sculpture of an eagle,located near the ferry.The place offers a beautiful view of kuah bay.Best time to visit during early in the morning or during the sunset.
  • SKY CAB AND SKY BRIDGE:This is one of the major attraction in Langkawi.The gondola system has three stations.The base station at oriental village,middle station at 650m above sea level and top station at 708m above sea level.There are one viewing deck at middle station and another two at top station.The view from the gondola and the deck is breathtaking.

    The skybridge is a 125m curved bridge suspended over the mountain peaks,located at 660m above sea level.The bridge is accessible from the top station via a funicular called skyglide and also a short walking trail through forest.

  • SKY REK:This is a simulator gives an adrenalin rush and breathe holding experience.In this 5 minutes ride you can feel the sense of physical drops,dynamic motions,blasts of air,water spray,vibrations,surrounded thrilling sound and 3D vision.
  • ART IN PARADISE-3D MUSEUM:Take a look after finishing the sky cab ride.There are more than hundred 3D interactive painting.


  • PANTAI CENANG BEACH:This is the most lively beach in langkawi and the nightlife is the liveliest.There are plenty of beachfront bars and restaurants with live music and seafood at its best.

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